Spring Has Sprung!

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It has been a long, very long, winter here in the Northeast!
My sister, who recently visited Toronto for business, also was told that it had been a tough winter there. When she inquired what that meant for Toronto, the reply was: “It was mostly 20 below everyday.”
Wow! It looks like it’s been a tough, very long winter, in many places.

So Spring finally arrived here in New York City the last week of April.
Finally, the temperature was reliably in the late 60’s to mid-70’s.
Glory Hallelujah!

And as with Spring here in NYC every year, green and buds and flowers popped everywhere!


I have this favorite hedge bush in the Spring.
During most of the year: Summer, Fall, and even Winter, this hedge has deep green tiny leaves all over it.
It is a hearty and stalwart hedge. It’s tiny green leaves are sturdy, turgid, and smell a bit like spruce. It is an excellent hedge, and for this reason, it surrounds many buildings here in my part of NYC.
Then, during the Spring, a miracle happens with this hedge!
Completely covering the outer layer of the hedge are soft, flexible-like-cartiledge, light lime green leaves.
This new outer covering of the hedge is actually soft to the touch; completely different than its usual sturdy green leaves!
Whenever I have the opportunity walking past the hedge in the Spring, I touch, touch and touch some more this amazing Spring hedge—covered so newly and so completely differently than it’s usual “outer wear!”
The feeling of the soft tiny lime green leaves reminds me of the possibility of newness, renewal and resilience that we are offered each time a new baby, a new life, enters our lives.
Not all babies want to be touched, touched, and touched some more….
Yet, their ineffably soft new baby skin emanating that sweet new-baby smell, certainly invokes our senses to want to pick them up and hold them close; a lot!

New Humans are, after all, marsupial by constitution.
Most new babies are comforted by being swaddled….and touched….and held close.
Toward the end of a full-term pregnancy, in utero, we are swaddled completely and carried continuously.
My first born in her first 8 weeks enjoyed swaddling…..as long as she could have one foot hanging out of the receiving blanket that swaddled her.
One size does NOT fit all when it comes to each new human who arrives.
Instead, the challenge and the fun, is to discern how exactly the “universal” meets the need of our very unique snowflake of a newborn!
This practice of discernment is called “attunement.”
Our attunement, always, makes the difference.

Back to my miraculous Spring hedge……
As I look at and touch its Spring covering, I am reminded of the flexible resilience and renewal that we are each offered when we agree to welcome new Life!
Meditating on the feeling and sight of this Spring hedge, I am filled with the miracle of the possibilities that New Life, Spring, gives us; if we are willing.

So, Spring has popped here in NYC; in the Northeast!
And, along with my hedge, I am seeing the blooming of pregnant ladies all over; they have come out from under the cover of their Winter outer wear, just like my hedge.
Each time I see yet another blossoming pregnant lady, this Spring, I gasp with delight.
“Oh look!” I think to myself: “Another person, another couple, who’s welcoming New Life into their life; who might be willing to accept the possibility of a new light lime green Resilience and Renewal into their life!”

To that end, I would like to congratulate Papa David, Mama Vanessa and sibs, Max and Samantha, on the arrival of their new baby: Alexa Rose, born May 29th at the height of Spring!
Welcome to Your offer of Resilience and Renewal!
Our work together is wonderous!


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